About Us

Love, Hope, Grace and Advocacy in Action 

Parson Cross Initiative Projects is based in North East Sheffield. We aim to create community and provide support and sanctuary for people living in our local area of Parson Cross, Southey, Longley and Foxhill. We work in partnership with churches and other organisations to provide services and support to  people and to promote social justice and inclusion.

We provide a range of activities such as our Community Cooking Groups, Social Cafe, art and music groups and through our emergency food support.

Love, Hope, Grace and Advocacy in Action are the things we look to to guide us in all that we do. 


Our Projects:

Cooking, Gardening, Art, Writing… The talents people bring with them are endless…. 

Discovering and responding to the talents, skills and interests of the people we support is central to our work – it helps people feel valued and appreciated and it also builds confidence and friendships. For example, we discovered that we had a group who had a passion for baking, so we developed a Pop-Up-Bakery session every Friday – they now make delicious cakes and treats for our social cafe every Friday and have also taken part in Food Safety and Hygiene training. 

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PXI began in 2010 as a project funded by the Methodist Church, and working with local church, community groups and others in Parson Cross, Sheffield.

In 2017 PXI (Projects) was given charitable status. Our charity number is 1172288

You can contact us on: 0114 281 5799 or email: pxi.enquiries@gmail.com